Blue Line Engineering, DPC specializes almost exclusively in the development and upgrade of water and wastewater systems. Run by Francis “Ike” Cook and Jeffrey Tubolino, the Watertown-based company provides feasibility studies, analysis for water supply, treatment, collection, conveyance and storage for municipalities.

“Our very name, a reference to the line demarking the boundary of the Adirondack park, represents our vision. We focus on the quality of life by helping to improve the communities we serve.”
– Jeffrey Tubolino, President

“We founded Blue Line in 2015 to bring back the one-on-one problem-solving strategies for municipal and private sector infrastructure. We have more than 42 years of combined experience in the water and wastewater industry. Our specialization has allowed us to work with both municipalities and consulting engineers.”
– Ike Cook, Principal

Ike and Jeff of Blue Line Engineering, DPC
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